Saturday, 28 May 2011

Cracking Copper Gromit

Time for an update on my experimentation with copper clay which as I predicted has not gone completely smoothly. On the plus note I've ended up with these dinky thumbnail sized fish that are going to be incorporated into my evening class pendant after they've had their rough edges sanded away. I used three tiny fish beads to make a Siligum mould which I greased with hand cream, dobbed in the clay and popped it in the airing cupboard to dry. Then I used modelling tools and files to remove surplus clay before firing with a blowtorch. One fish sadly did not survive because I did not apply heat long enough for him to turn into metal.  His demise came through disintergration in the tumble polisher.  RIP little chappie!

Furthermore on the minus side, let me report on my failed reptile making activity.  The lovely Naomi lent me this cute mould but the rubber is very hard and I can't get my poor lizard to slip out unharmed.  Hence I've ended up with a whole lot of 'dry as a bone' clay in a ramekin which needs reconstituting with a drops of water. This can be quite  messy and a bit touch and go as I've learnt from experience using silver clay.   But once I've got some soft stuff back I can implement plan B and I'll share my success, or otherwise, in another post!

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