Monday, 23 May 2011

Days Out in Devon: Plymouth Pavillions and Pizza!

We had a lovely 'play date' yesterday as I believe they're called in uber-fashionable circles.   Or perhaps I'm behind the times and this phrase is redundant.  Who knows?  Anyway, Louis and I met up with friends Maire and Niall for a day out in Plymouth.  Our itinerary each time we go there is entirely predictable - lunch at my favourite chain restaurant and then against all generally held sensible advice, we swim and play on the water slides at the Pavillions fun pool with  extremely full tummiesl

Now  I've written about Pizza Express in favourable terms before. The food is flavouful, staff are reliably delightful and the atmosphere manages to combine being aesthetically pleasing and child friendly at the same time.  No plastic wipe down surfaces here.  What I didn't mention last time is that, invariably, it isn't necessary to pay full price for lunch.  Each time we've been, I've managed to print off discount vouchers from the Internet.  This time our three course meals cost £12.95 each courtesy of Vouchercodes, ideal now the boys insist on choosing from the grown up menu.  Niall, aged eight ploughed through a whole American Hot pizza but Louis was defeated by his 'not hot' version, so the remains of his were boxed up to take home for Mr Lovelygrey's tea.

Now, whilst we were there, the artwork in today's leading picture caught my eye.  Sorry about the slightly dodgy photography.  I'm sure that Ansel Adams would never have made the basic error of catching the reflected light fitting if he had taken the shots.   This collage with it's paper waves is  by artist Gerard Mermoz and depicts the Mayflower, a ship that firmly deserves its place in Plymouth's maritime history .  The manager of the restaurant also pointed out that the models of the Mayflower that had been used to create the pictures were also on display in the restarant.  Now,  I think that this second attempt to produce a decent image has, by complete fluke rather than by mastery of composition, worked out rather well!

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  1. I've not eaten at Pizza Express, nor did I imagine them to be so well decorated. The leaning tower of Pisa perhaps; but The Mayflower? Good for them!