Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Days Out in Devon: Plymouth Volkfest

Guess what I nearly brought home from the annually held Plymouth Volksfest?  Actually I contented myself with an  intricately designed silver ring that I couldn't make in a month of Sundays.  Although my imagination was running away with me and I was sorely tempted by the idea of  my very own Dirty Pirate, I  regretfully decided against it.  Mr Lovelygrey might never have let me go away without him again!

This was a great start to the festival season in spite of the weather which was intermittently mucky.  But the pop up tent stayed up, didn't leak and has eventually been replaced into its neat little holdall, although not on site.  Those Volkswagon fanatics sure know how to organise a good event.  A  massive party in a  few fields provides the perfect excuse to show off their beloved vehicles as part of the festivities.  I was particularly fond of this zebra themed camper van complete with its monochrome interior, though I wouldn't swap it for my motorhome.  Complete and utter zaniness does not even go halfway towards compensating for its lack of private toilet.

It's impossible for Mums and Dads to enjoy themselves unless their kids are having fun.   The childless  can never descend into the depths where being with  disgruntled offspring leads.  Thankfully this great event that appealed Louis on many counts. The circus workshops and bizarre Western reenactments went down a treat but it seems that that home grown entertainment was the biggest hit.  A toy stall did a roaring trade in replica AK47s and the  family field with its grassy knolls and massive ancient oak trees was turned into an enormous battlefield each morning and evening.   Only a parent can be happy  hearing war cries and machine gun fire and relax, safe in the knowledge that these are the sounds that come from contented kids!

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