Sunday, 8 May 2011

Days Out in Devon: Saving and Spending in Newton Abbot

Louis and I had a great time in Newton Abbot yesterday afternoon. In the midst of the town's unprepossessing exterior there's a great compact shopping centre with a few of the chains, but lots of independents and charity retail outlets.  Oh! and there's both indoor and outdoor markets that are well worth exploring too. I've heard people saying on more than one occasion that it's their preferred haunt these days rather than those heady metropoles, Torquay, Plymouth and Exeter!   And, unlike some of the rather more frou-frou touristy places around these parts, you can still buy stuff that you need for everyday life rather than just treats and gifts.

The main reason for our trip was that so Louis could spend a birthday gift token in WH Smith.   He's a big fan of Wimpy Kid so it got used on  buying one of the books.  We then went on a charity shop spree, ostensibly to look for Beano Annuals and, ch-ching! we found two, one for the bargain price of 20p.  Here's my  lovely son waiting for me to finish browsing in the British Heart Foundation shop and attracting nostalgic comments from passing pensioners who enjoyed the antics of the Bash Street Boys, Dennis the Menace and Roger the Dodger in their younger days.  Louis also picked up four other books and a rather natty set of night vision goggles.  Total cost of his secondhand purchases, a very reasonable £6.20.

Here he is then off to the bank.  Hats off to the helpful staff at HSBC engage him when he visits. This time they helped him to pay his birthday cheques into the deposit machine and check his not insubstantial balance.

It occured to me that our very enjoyable trip  was a really worthwhile educational  experience. Louis is learning how to make his pocket money go further and save for the future.  It's certainly something we'll repeat in future to reinforce sensible spending and saving habits in a really fun way!


  1. Well done Louis. Always best to start them young. My own three were always very cash savvy as children... now not so much; they like the good things of life too much.

  2. Oh Lovely Grey, if all parents were as kind and caring as you are, the world would be a better place. Louis will benefit for the rest of his life from your little educational trips.

    My sister is in Plymouth at the moment, I spoke to her last night. She said the place is horrendously expensive and they take pack ups out with them every day, made up in their caravan.

  3. Hello Lovelygrey!! I've been lurking on your blog for a while. Just wanted to say what a great blog it is and this post has really made me smile. Hats off to Louis for being cash savvy - well done to his Mum too!

  4. Shucks! I'm touched Kim - probably in more ways that one.