Friday, 13 May 2011

Dear Santa...

I thought I'd catch the old boy early.  After all it must be a time of year when he's twiddling his thumbs and feeling a bit neglected.  This aesthetically pleasing pod made by Headroom was featured in our employer's newsletter. They make these for individuals and companies to hire or buy for indoors or outside use and my inner hippy wants one please.  It's so reminiscent of my childhood days when I used to hide away from the family in the garden sitting in an aircraft inner tube and surrounded by a windbreak.  Looking back I could be a weird child.

One of these structures has been installed temporarily on a in-patient ward and it's 'right-on' credentials are significant.  It's a pod made out of sustainable materials and is equipped with headphones so that you can immerse yourself in a relaxing soundscape and de-stress.  Just the place to hide away when the Lovelygrey boys are arguing amongst themselves though they'd probably follow me in and continue their ranting.

Actually Santa, cancel the order.  I'm not sure that we've got anywhere in the house to put such a structure and it might be difficult to carry on a sleigh.  But it's given me an idea.  I could always sit in Louis' play tent listening to whale songs on the MP3 player on my camera phone.  Or more ambitiously I could gen up on my long lost lashing skills learnt as a Girl Guide, tie a few bendy sticks together and throw over a duvet!

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