Saturday, 21 May 2011

Hagar the Horrible..Oh No! I Got it Wrong!

Behold, the world's most popular Viking!  Now I've had a soft spot for Norsemen ever since I watched 'How to Train Your Dragon' with Louis.  This is by far and away the most entertaining kid's film that I've been forced to sit through since giving birth eight years ago. It's even gone up a further notch or two in the last few days after I realised that Gerard Butler supplied the voice of one of the characters, Stoick the Vast. If you don't know who I'm talking about put his name into a Google images search to see why he's knocked Sean Connery off his 'my favourite Scottish actor ever' perch!

I have gone severely off track  so I'd better come swiftly back to the point of today's post.  Let me introduce the metal clay artist Hadar Jacobson.  You've had a diversion into cartoon land because I get her name mixed up with the fiery little Scandanavian chap with a fondness for beer.  This is a jewellery maker whose technical expertise takes my breath away.  Just take a look at the intricacy of the pendant depicted on this book jacket and you'll see what I mean. It's even more surprising that she makes such beautiful pieces out of material that I have still to get to grips with.  Most of my efforts at using metal clay have left me with messy hands, work surface and carpet, a reduced bank balance and either  a) a dry lump of heavy mudlike material in various hues complete with some dusty stuff that ends up in the hoover or b) something that does a very good impression of a quagmire as I've tried to make a vain attempt to reconstitute a) and added too much water.

But I'm not one to be easily defeated.  Over the next few days I'm having a play with newly acquired copper clay.  Be prepared to be amazed by my creative efforts...or you can have a jolly good giggle if, as I predict, the experiment takes a nasty turn.


  1. Good luck with the copper clay - it sounds very complicated! - and thanks for the temporary sidetracking into Gerard Butler Google images! But most importantly was it your left eye that got treated? Meant to comment yesterday...

  2. How do you get hold of this stuff? I saw a workshop advertised in Carlisle a few years ago but sadly date had passed! Also Carlisle is a long way from me.

    That was for silver clay.

  3. Gerard Butler was in How to Train Your Dragon. Blimey, I would boff him any day. Sorry, it totally distracted me from your jewellery stuff!

  4. Do you know Alix, I can't honestly remember which eye was the 'control'!
    Campfire, I get my stuff mainly from Cookson's and have added a link to their website to my favourites on the left. There's lots of e-tutorials on metal clay if you're interested and there isn't a class locally.