Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The International Jetsetter Strikes Again!

For the second weekend in a row the Lovelygrey family have been out of our home country exploring yet another Celtic nation.  This time we drove two hours from our home, nipped over the Welsh border and spent the weekend in Cardiff.  The city was chosen as it was a convenient halfway point to meet friends from the Midlands.  There was so much to do there that we'll be back!

In amongst activities planned to run the legs off two young boys aged 8 and 9, I managed to nip into Craft in the Bay  which showcases high quality work from members of the Maker's Guild in Wales.  These beautiful delicate glass trees by American glass artist Paula Rylatt were the first things to catch my eye.  Her website, where she showcases her work also has some lovely fragile looking seascapes too.

As usual in such places there was jewellery to inspire and indeed covet!  But spending money is thin on the ground as I'm in supersaving mode.  However, had my shopaholic gene been switched on, I might have been tempted by work from a number of artists.  Susie Horan's gorgeous ripple cuff bangle  may have been a candidate for a splurge but I resisted and just took a picture instead.  This could well provide the  incentive for me to learn how to form fold metal myself and produce a homage of my own.

And for the lover's of vintage, found objects and crafty people alike,  I'd urge you to explore the wonderful world of Becky Adams who has an exhibition at the centre at the current time that runs until the end of May.  For those of you who can't make it there in person,  click on the pretty buttons on the home page of her website.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  Her zany work is a real inspirational find!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these artists' work - all lovely! Becky Adams' work is very imaginative and interesting - a great source of inspiration. I love the tiny tin book!