Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mini Church of Craft: Neat Knees!

May's Mini Church of Craft is long gone.  Naomi and I got together for a creative morning and gossip on the day that I initiated Louis into the pleasure of browsing in  charity shops. 'Red' Melanie couldn't join us as she'd thrown her left wing principles to the wind by going off on a cheapo caravan holiday courtesy of vouchers cut from the Sun!

Maybe  because I didn't photograph any pretty things, I forgot to blog about our meet.   I just played with metal clay and had nothing to show from my experiments at the time other than  congealed dried gunk that's a devil to remove from the fingernails, a fact I forgot to mention yesterday.  Naomi nearly finished a pearl bracelet that she's going to wear on her wedding day later this year.  She was going to forward a photo once she'd finished so I could show it off  but with all that matrimonial planning, her head must be in a whirl and she's forgotten.

However, I did photograph one of her latest acquisitions which is so neat it causes the jealousy to surge through every pore of my body.  This storage solution  for pliers was rustled up by her nifty woodworking uncle and for those adept with a jigsaw and router, like Mama Lovelygrey (big hint here, Mum!),  I'm sure that it would be a breeze to copy!  Even though I did manage to take better pictures where composition was considered before I clicked the shutter, I like this shot the most.  This shows off the tool rack to its best advantage and also gives us an idea of why Pete is marrying the lovely Naomi.   It must be because she has such great knees!

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