Thursday, 26 May 2011


It's due to being tipped the wink by Miss Thrifty that I've been trying to get the Lovelygrey household in with a chance of being considered as Britain's Savviest Family.  Nectar, (hence the picture of a beautiful butterfly in search of the sugary stuff!) are offering the opportunity for up to eight families to blog about their money saving experiences and will choose one who will receive the coveted title and some rather nice goodies including £1,000 cash that would go very nicely towards clearing s little bit more mortgage.  Click on the link if you want to enter too,  but be quick as the closing date is 30th May.

My own entry should be winging its way around the ether now but there's problems when I press the 'submit' button.  It refuses to budge and I get some unhelpful red text pointing errors that don't exist.  Grrr!  I'm onto Nectar and hopefully it will be ironed out in time  to have a chance of sharing our thrifty tips with a wider audience in true Lovelygrey style.

There's been a by-product of being made aware of this competition which I thought was worth sharing.  My rarely used Nectar card is likely to get an airing in future.  I thought it was mainly something to be used in Sainsbury's, where I shop infrequently, but I've found out that points can be collected from a range of online sites that I use regularly.    I was completely oblivious to the fact that Ebay and Amazon are part of the scheme and have given myself a little kick for not finding this out and adding it to my repetoire of pound stretching strategies sooner. Even if  I don't succeed in the main competition, there's a sense in which I shall be a winner anyway.  Thank's ever so much Miss Thrifty!


  1. Good luck, I wish you well with this. Sadly I can't join you, I don't have a family, (dont think they will accept cats) and I don't have a nectar card.

    I think this is an odd competition for a card company to run, when their business is to get people to spend more money.

  2. Good to know about ebay and Amazon!!! What do you need to do to collect points??