Friday, 20 May 2011

Old Bags...

.... with the persistence of the lurgy and sleepless nights this post could well be a description of what's currently under my eyes.  However, once I've got over the grim fact that it's morning, got myself into a standing position, coughed for England, cleared my chest and reached for the Anusol, the daytimes aren't going too badly.    Please follow my link if you're puzzzled about why someone with a stinking cold might need haemorrhoid cream!

Instead of my undereye abominations I'm going to talk about bags of a far more functional kind, my ethically sourced string beauties that are stocked by From the Beach.  This shop, that is listed under my favourite websites in the sidebar, stocks these old fashioned staples in versions that come with long straps.  I'm surprised that I haven't posted about these before although my favourite purple number with extra thick handles did make an appearance in a handy hint post that I produced way back in my early days of blogging.  In a shameless fit of self publicity I'm urging you to look this one up too especially if you have a tendency for leaving your Friday night delicacies  in the fridge at work!

Anyway back to the string bags which are absolutely brilliant, look totally funky and last an age.  They pack up small and hold an immense amount of stuff.  Even though the back care specialists out there would have a fit,  carrying home a whole week's groceries from the Co-op in just two of these has not been unknown  As their capaciousness is almost boundless, caution in their use is advised.   I seem to remember reading that they can hold up to a 40lb load, an amount that could have your favourite osteopath rubbing their hands  in glee in anticipation of huge fees for the repair of  dodgy backs and shoulders.  And don't forget to put bananas and grapes at the top of the shop as they make a right royal squishy mess that drips between the strings and down your leg if you shove something substantial on them!

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  1. Fab tip about the bum cream!!! I wonder whether it works on other problem bodily areas of a baggy nature?? If so I need a truck load!! Love that purple stringy bag - I'd be having competitions with myself to see exactly how many things I could get in it!!