Monday, 2 May 2011

Stopping Lovelygrey Villas Shrinking.

It's nearly five years since the Lovelygrey family moved into our home and we're lucky enough to have four bedrooms and a downstairs study.  It means that both Mr Lovelygrey and I have a place to work and there's a guest bedroom which is also put to use if one of us has the sniffles.  But before you imagine an idyllic pile in the Devon countryside think again.  It started life as a Barratt's three bedroomed link property which has been extended on two different occasions.  There's not a whiff of an olde-worlde feature and there's just a manageable sized garden not acres of land with paddocks.

Although the living room and kitchen are a nice size, the other rooms are squitty as befits a 1980s estate build.  The previous occupants were a family with four children who had so much stuff that on viewing the house I didn't appreciate the dining room was a workable living area.  It looked like a corridor to the garden and some creative estate agent speak was being used to big the space up.  The house was an absolute bargain and I wonder if one of the reasons for this was that it was so full of stuff other viewers hadn't seen its potential.  When they moved out they needed two articulated lorries to shift everything. Our  possessions filled just two small box vans.

It made me realise that even though the house was large , it could easily be filled up, become cramped and then no longer meet our needs. Very stupid given that we're a family of  just three.  So I'm the queen of decluttering, constantly assessing if we still need what we have, and more importantly, limiting what comes into the home in the first place.

Thinking about storage comes into play too.  What prompted this post was my seasonal wardrobe change.  Winter woolies have just been compressed into vacuum bags and it'll be the turn of the higher tog duvets when I next change the beds.  It's satisfying watching bulky textiles shrinking to about a third of their original size and realising that by doing this I'm helping to prevent our lovely living space dwindling away!


  1. I was thinking it wasout time to change our winter quilt, but not just yet !

  2. I know what you mean about places shrinking when they are too full. I once knew someone who had a cluttered house. She also had a cluttered mind, so mixed up. She had a conservatory built, another room to fill with clutter. Then she had her garage converted into a room, all the clutter from there went into the conservatory while they did the job, some of it spilling over into her fathers garage down the road.

    When that was finished she accumulated more clutter, I had to step over it when I went to collect the dog. Her life is always going to be filled with clutter. I couldn't live like that.