Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Here's an update on my new venture.  Following on from my Speculate to Accumulate post last week all my jewellery lots that I bought courtesy of Ebay have arrived safe and sound!  Now predictably there's quite a lot of tat and I might display some of that later in the week for your viewing pleasure! But I've amassed over eighty items that are saleable for my initial £200 outlay and I reckon that there's a profit to be had, albeit maybe a small one.  Anyway,   I snapped a piccy of just a few of  my favourite items so far.

I'm learning loads already. Larger and more expensive lots aren't necessarily going to be the ones that bring in the lovely lolly so I might steer away from them in the future.  It's the cheaper ones where there are bits and pieces that need a bit of TLC  or can be upcycled where it looks like the money's to be had.  My jewellery making skills are going to serve me well.   Another lesson learnt: don't put pearl necklaces in the tumble polish as beading string does not survive the process - oops!

Anyway I thought that I'd give a special mention to my favourite pieces so far.  Firstly there's a vintage Siam silver pendant. A bit of research suggests that this beautifully coloured enamelled piece depicts Nang Fa, the fairy of happiness.  And as they say on the antiques programmes, 'It's got a bit of age to it'.  The other has caught Louis' eye because of its piratey-ness.  It's a another lovely vintage pendant set with quartz which has an unusual opening bale.  For the uninitiated that's the bit that you put the chain through.  The mechanism just needs a nifty bit of silver work to tighten it up.   It's early days and I can see that I'm going to have to resist temptation to keep lots of the treasure for myself.  So, off now to research my markets pronto before I accumulate a hord that I just can't give away!

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