Thursday, 12 May 2011

Working up to a Biggie

For those, like me, who deserve an advanced degree in toilet humour, written on loo paper of course, this might raise a giggle.  However, this post is not about bodily functions.  The title just denotes that today's offering will be short and sweet and that I'm slaving away to produce something more meaty that's going to appear in a day or two.

I'm back again on the topic of my Ship Ahoy Bangle, made of sterling silver, brass and copper.  This looked wonderfully shiny when I first finished it, just as I'd planned, but the base metals in it soon lost their sparkle.  A solution was needed and this clear metal sealer came to the rescue.  I covered the silver part of the bangle with a protective paper sheath before spraying the wave and boats per the product instructions on the tin.  They've gleamed ever since, and touch wood, they'll stay that way.

It occured to me that making others aware of the availability of this stuff could be useful.   Us crafters sometimes want metals to develop a patina of age to add to a design, but at other times this is a distinct nuisance.  And could a quick protective coating on objects around the home reduce the amount of polishing chores?  I'll shirk responsbility for the outcome and leave it for individuals out there to decide!

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