Saturday, 18 June 2011

Alvin Stardust and Uranus

Louis' unit  had a space themed fancy dress theme yesterday.   Others will recognise the familiar scenario of only finding  out about a school event hours before it's due to take place because the letter has been tucked into an obscure pocket of their little darling's rucksack.  Even so, I felt that the teachers could have given us mere mortals a little more than the week that other grumbling parents advised I would have had if the note had reached me in a timely manner.  It's only the stay at home yummy mummies who can rustle up the required paper mache extravaganzas in such a short time, no doubt between their lunch engagements and gym visits (!)

'How about I make a hole in your pants and draw a ring?'  I said to Louis. 'Then you could go as Uranus'.  Or I'll cut a bit more of them away, we can paint your bum yellow and you'd could tell your teacher that you're dressed up as the moon!'  My son declined these highly imaginative offers and told me, rather primly, that I was being rude.  Thankfully, he's getting far more coy about showing all and sundry his private parts these days.  But neither was he keen about just wearing his Star Wars helmet as he wanted me to make a bit more effort in the costume production department.

Now I expect you think that I magicked an amazing home made creation out of thin air in just a few minutes.  Not so - I'm  far too busy at the moment so I stuck to my guns and continued with proferring  my Uranus/Moon/Star Wars choices. Funnily enough,  Louis went off dressed as a modified  Storm Trooper after all.  In case you think I copped out altogether let me draw your attention to his black cloak. It was home made for previous school shenanigans when he played the part of  'Five Gold Rings' in a 'Twelve Days of Christmas' enactment.  His former teacher had a vision of a man in black, complete with gloves and big chunky rings. Surely this twenty something was far too young to remember Alvin Stardust or indeed, Johnny Cash?

Anyway, back to the cloak which was racked up in half an hour and  has  had a myriad of uses - think vampire costumes, Batman and the like.  It's made out of  two standard pillowcases which I've found particularly useful for making children's fancy dress as they're a convenient tunic length. Just cutting holes in required places and maybe a miniscule amount of sewing is what is normally required to adapt them into all sorts of outfits, especially the nativity themed ones!   In this case, I cut one along its top edge and a side seam, gathered it along the top and then added a hood made from half of the second pillowcase in the pack.  All that was then needed was a button off an old cardigan, a loop fastening and Bob's your uncle!  Well, actually not. Mine happens to be called Stan.

So, yesterday a happy little Storm Trooper went off to school to learn about planets, comets, rockets and the like.  The fact that I'd let him take both his light sabre and gun contributed enormously to his renewed enthusiasm.  I guessed that his teachers might not have been so thrilled with the  weapon accessories but then the devil in me felt that it was pay back time for being given such short notice!

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