Saturday, 4 June 2011

Back on Track

This week I've been busy, productive and happy - yay!  My backload of paperwork and household tasks that mounted up when I was feeling oh so overwhelmed has reached manageable proportions and plans for my tiny business are knocking along nicely with jewellery being cleaned and restored, packaging ordered and business cards designed.  My 'Ship Ahoy' bangle has been accepted into the prestigious Contemporary Craft Fair  and I'll be off to a private viewing with champagne cocktails next week as a consequence.  Birdsong wakes me in the morning, the hedgerows are filled abundantly with flowers and there's a new Mad Dog McCrea album in the car's CD player

Way, way back in my early days of blogging, I wrote about my membership of the Citalopram Fan Club.  Antidepressants are part of the armoury that keeps longstanding depression at bay alongside my own personal management strategies.  At part of taking a particularly difficult bull by the horns a few weeks ago my GP upped my medication dose, a tactic I didn't entirely understand at the time.  After, all my stress was being caused by known external factors wasn't it?

What I realise now is that my lack of concentration was actually compounding the problem, making it almost impossible to 'plough on'.  Goodness me aren't I mixing my metaphors today!  The extra tablet, that's being taken for the short term, has given me that boost that I needed to get back on track and work on getting well by my own efforts.


  1. I was quite surprised to read this post, probably because I may I have missed previous posts relating to it. So now I am caught up, clicking your links, and I now have the full picture. Thanks.

    I looked for your ship ahoy on the craft web site, but couldn't find it. Are they a bit slow at updating? I wanted to find out your real name, me being nosey, ha ha.

  2. That's because it's in the adult and community learning tent and I don't think they're on the website for the exhibitors who pay for stands. My real name is Julie Cole, oh nosey one!

  3. Thanks Julie, it suits you :o)