Thursday, 9 June 2011

Back Pedalling on Simplicity

Whether  I took one step back or one step forward yesterday depends on your viewpoint.  After a few months of cogitation I finally took delivery of a camera!  I've  already written about how I've been resisting this purchase for ages as I was happy for a long time with the pictures taken on my mobile phone.  This method of snapping away has served me well but the need now to take photos of jewellery for my new business venture and for coursework and competitions meant that a different degree of sophistication was needed. 

So I've taken the plunge, joined the professional and bought a Canon.  Not a SLR with a great big dustbin sized lens - that would definitely be overkill.  No I've chosen an Ixus 115 HS,  a teeny tiny dot of a device that fits neatly into my hand and won't need its own suitcase to carry it around.  The great thing about it is that it can focus on small objects really close up hence meets my needs perfectly.

Tiredness because of driving 107 miles  on the minor roads of Devon between client visits, took its toll yesterday and I went to bed at the heady time of 8:30pm.  That didn't leave me long to have a play once the battery had charged.  However I did manage to snap my souvenir from Volksfest, my lovely new ring brought back in lieu of a Dirty Pirate.  The other picture shows details on a Scandanavian glass bowl that's in our lounge.  I'm well chuffed with my new toy and feel that the compromise on gadget minimalism has been worthwhile.


  1. Hello Mrs LG!
    Just stopping by to say that I would like to pass on a 'Versatile Blogger' Award to you, as I always enjoy reading your blog (and so does my husband, who only reads three!)Thanks and hope you will enjoy sharing the award, but if it's not your cup of tea to do these things, I won't be offended!
    Alix x
    PS Great photos - I'm on the look-out for a camera that can do close-up, so was helped by this post.

  2. I still haven't worked out all the things my camera can do. A lot of playing around with it is needed. I hope you have a lot of fun with yours.

  3. Wow Alix - I'm touched. How do I receive my reward. Meanqueen - I agree about the playing around, it took me an hour to work out how to set the date!

  4. Set the date!!! Eeek, I haven't done that yet, ha ha.