Monday, 27 June 2011


This is a recent painting by my brother.  I've written about him before and I now have it from the horse's mouth that he currently has a lucky lady in tow.  Let's hope she's the type to forgive his extreme messiness and appreciate his finer points of which there are many.

Now Paul's not a fluffy kitten or romantic landscape type of artist and I have to admit that I find some of his work uncomfortable.  The subject matter is  often too intense and disturbing for me to want to live with it.  But I do like this painting of a dearly departed cheeky chappy, not because I found it to be tinged with great meaning.  I just enjoy the composition and  have a bit of a thing about reptiles which have often featured in my own past artistic endeavours.  It formed the basis of this recent discussion on Facebook. 

Me: Like the still life of crocodile shown on your website. As I am a lovely sister I think you should gift it to me!!! x

Paul: That painting is currently at the Buckenham Gallery in Southwold. I would give it to you but I don't want to. You will have to do with the pleasure of being my sister. Thanks for phoning the other day it is always good to hear from you. Call any time. X

Me: How about I have the croc picture and relinquish the pleasure of sisterhood. Fair swap? xx

Paul: You will always be my sister, and I will never believe that that is not a great source of pleasure and pride for you. x (!)

So, no crocodile painting but I get to keep my brother! It's probably the best option after all.  But.if anyone goes near the Beckenham Gallery and wants to buy me a present ....Surely there's no harm in asking!

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