Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Another womb-ish like shelter today not dissimilar to one I've coveted in a previous post.  This onion-like dome was spotted at the Contemporary Craft Fair and is a product of Judith Needham Designs.  She weaves a nifty castle-like playhouse too and it's yours if you have a cool £2,000 to play with!

My mind was brought back to these cosy structures after a discussion in a therapy session  with one of my clients yesterday who suffers from depression.  I've been asking them to try to capture their pleasurable moments which are sadly, few and far between.   This is proving to be a tricky task for someone who is so ill but slowly, slowly there are some breakthroughs.  They are not having brief glimpses of times when they feels cocooned.   Such a lovely description of what its like when we feel safe and secure.

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