Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Fabulous Baker Boy

Louis' says that his best friend is called Henry but I beg to differ.  He spends the largest proportion of his time with Abi, a miniature Zoe Wannamaker lookalike, who lives around the corner to us.   They've been as thick as thieves since they were at nursery together at the age of three.  Perhaps having a best bud who's the opposite sex isn't de-rigueur when you're eight.

It was a Baker day today.  For my readers outside the United Kingdom this is an extra holiday when kids are out of school so that their teachers can have a study day.  I'd planned to take Abi and Louis out together for the day but Louis decided that first of all, he wanted some 'mummy time' alone.  Aw!

So, I took him with me whilst I had my eyebrows reshaped at a beauty salon in Bovey Tracey.  Ideal mother-child bonding time?  Well perhaps not.  But then we popped into the Devon Guild of Craftsmen for a mosey around afterwards and they had a competition for kids which really caught both our imaginations. 

The exhibition there at the moment is by a guy called John Maltby who is an incredible ceramicist.  He doesn't seem to have his own website but just type his name into Google Images to see his work.  The gallery provided craft materials and clay and invited them to produce a creature inspired by a piece in the exhibition.  I encouraged Louis to find something that took his fancy and he procued his own tiger and warrior model based on one of the exhibits.  It really caught the imagination of a child who isn't normally fired up to produce arty works!


  1. I thought you were going to say he made a model of your eyebrow! xxx

  2. No Tracey - glad I didn't show him your post or he might have made a model of the Scotsman accidently exposing himself through negliigent kilt use. x

  3. Well done Louis. Your little lad is going to grow up into a very intelligent and balanced human being with all the stimulation you are introducing him to. It's a pity that all parents dont follow your example. You will reap the rewards of all the effort you put into your child rearing for many years to come.