Saturday, 11 June 2011

I should be out in the garden playing with the macro function of my camera but dang! Downloading this image  to illustrate today's offering was easier with my Friday night glass of wine in hand.   Thank goodness I post in advance and am not supping as part of an early morning weekend breakfast.

Today I'm going to share something I tell people that I see who have memory problems, even to the extent where they face the serious diagnosis of dementia which, after all, is a degenerative disease.  Forgetting IS part of normal brain function.  If we remembered everything that's happened or that we've seen or heard in our lives our heads would explode.  And I have to say that this is a medical fact.  Trust me, I'm a therapist!

When people have an organic probllem with their brain this priceless pearl of wisdom is forgotten and often, every little lapse of memory is attributed to their dementia.  They, and those around them who care, become hyper sensitive to incidences of this occuring.  This causes anxiety and low mood which exacerbates the problem.

But blow me down, the people that I see are confronted with this ditsy therapist who would forget her own head if it weren't securely fastened down with muscle, cartilage and anything else that might have escaped my mind from my physiology lectures.   Living proof that those of us who are fully compos mentis can have memories like sieves made with particularly big mesh.  So to  those out there with memory issues associated with age I have this message.  Cut yourself some slack. Your problems are, in part, something that is entirely commonplace.

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