Monday, 13 June 2011

Gerard Butler vs. The Hairy

Now girls,  if you are heterosexual and don't fancy this chap there is something way, way wrong with you.  Gerard Butler, minor-ish film star is just so super lush that I can't see how any female isn't bowled over by his......sheer acting ability.  Now that must be what what I see in him.    After all I'm a deep meaningful bird who wouldn't be taken in just by good looks.

But I'm also known for my  taste in men that sometimes strays from the norm.  Take Jeremy Paxman for instance.  Not everyone's cup of tea but I'm weirdly attracted by his stern matter of factness.   I like Eddie Izzard for his voice and I know I'm not alone in disregarding his dodgy taste in frocks.   But the strangest of all is Johnny Vegas.  God knows why he appeals but he went up in my lust stakes when I found out when he was on Desert Island Discs that he'd done a ceramics degree.  I'm a sucker for a potter.

Continuing with the unusual sex symbol theme,  Si King, one half of the Hairy Bikers is a corker even if he, too is on the rotund side.  He's risen even further in my desirable man states, coming mighty close to the gorgeous Gerard.  Any man who is part of a duo that can provide a Cornish Pasty recipe as good as the one I tried out yesterday is just so worth lusting over.  And the fact that these delicious West Country beauties made with reduced price beef skirt and butter pastry worked out at less than 50p each make them attractive in their own right too!

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  1. Gerard is not bad, I like Jason Flemyng, James Purefoy and Jason Issacs, none are gorgeous in the Brad Pitt way, but then Brad Pitt does nothing for me. x