Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Catching Waves

I wonder how familiar this scenario is to others.  You get on your computer, say, with the aim of quietly checking your bank balance or emails.  Then whoa!  instead something else far more interesting  takes your fancy and you're off on a virtual surfboard in your own version of Hawaii 5-0.  An online shop, an interesting article in Wiki,  someone else's blog and you're on a journey to wherever the mighty ocean takes you.

Goodness know which wave sequence took me to the site of Wayne Victor Meeten in my flowery shorts but I'm so, so glad I arrived there.  It beat checking my current account by a longshot.   On the way into my jewellery class last night I was talking to another student about how we could, in theory, replicate many of the pieces that we see for sale with the basic skills that we've acquired. This guy's work does not fit into that category.  I am in awe of anyone who's mastered the complicated  shibori and mokume game techniques that he uses to create such perfect precious metal forms.   Read about these on Wayne's biography and be in awe!

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