Monday, 20 June 2011

No Excuse!!!

At last my tiny entrepreneurial plans are coming together.  Two weeks or so back I spent a pleasant couple of hours on the laptop designing my business cards.  Here's the very pretty result. They're from a company called Vistaprint  who provide a myriad of templates to choose from and, I have to say, that their prices ain't half bad.  The only disadvantage is that they employ persistent pests in their marketing department who have bombarded me with emails to such an extent that I've had no choice but to zap them quickly with my delete button. Pow!  Checking out too is a bit of a nightmare as they try to sell you all and sundry before allowing payment to go ahead.

So I have stock, packaging, a decent camera  and everything else in place to start selling so I'd better get a move on and stock my Etsy shop.  And now I'm all set, I've decided to enforce a strict rule.  With immediate effect, no more spending is allowed unless I've made money from jewellery sales to cover it.  No excuses for breaking this are allowed, none whatsover.   My hobby job must be entirely self funding.   A level 2 class is looming in October/November and it's going to be expensive so I'd best get cracking and  start earning those pennies!


  1. Good luck in your venture! xxxxxxxx

  2. Oooh, how exciting! I wish you the best of luck. I run my own business too, and it can be a real adrenaline rush. You should have put a link to your Etsy store ;-)