Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Oh! Molluscs Where Are Thou?

It's nearly a year since I wrote about my intention to go all Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall for my loyal readers and harvest l'escargots. But, alas it hasn't happened yet.  Aside from slugs which abound, my garden appears to be a near mollusc free zone.  Perhaps the hedgehog that I sometimes spot snuffling around at dusk has the monopoly on these beasties.  Or could it be that the snails have got wind of my intentions, disguise themselves as their shell-less cousins and wisely leave their homes outside when entering my patch?

I don't want to admit defeat yet and resort to the freezer section in the supermarket when I next visit France.  There, these delectable morsels come pre-prepared complete with a knob of herby butter each.  No, I want to experience the satisfaction of gathering, purgining and cooking my own hand gathered harvest.  So, if anyone has got any good ideas about how to attract snails into my garden, please let me know!


  1. I wish you well in your quest but the very thought of the darned things make me retch!

  2. Good grief, the things some people eat make me feel sick, says she who mixes nectarines with pickled onions ;o)

  3. We've had a good number of slugs lately (since it started raining) but not many snails.

    I know it's cheating slightly but you could buy a starter set and purposefully grow your own - there was a blog post about it on Cottage Smallholder a few months ago -- http://www.cottagesmallholder.com/how-about-snail-farming-guest-spot-by-helen-howard-%E2%80%93-the-edible-snail-farmer-7338