Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Oh! The Stupid Little Things That I Have Done!

If Tony the Tiger heard this band he'd say that they are GRRRREAT! Ah!  Mad Dog Mcrea, my  favourite act  haling from these westerly parts. Louis loves their infectious music too and has been  starstruck since wangling a visit backstage and meeting them at Ivylive.

All songs from their three albums can be listened to on their website by clicking on the link above.  Isn't it great that, with the marvels of modern technology,  we have access to such a rich supply of music and information these days?  Anyway.....I'd urge you to give this lot a go whatever normally takes your fancy.  There's a good chance that their clever, witty and often mischievious lyrics and superb musicianship might appeal.

A recent favourite  track of my own  is 'Stupid Things' from the newly released 'Whirling Dervish'.  As well as making me laugh and think,  it's prompted me to recall a few of my own personal faux-pas.  Before you reach the wrong conclusion, none of the following were  fuelled by alcohol or other mind altering substances even though they might appear to be acts of someone whose senses had been dulled by something a little stronger than orange juice.

  • I've  fallen flat on my face getting off an exercise bike in a swanky gym because the shoelace on my trainer came undone and I inadvertently tied myself  to the pedal shaft.
  • I've been to the shoe repairers for heel replacements, only to have it pointed out that I was wearing odd shoes.
  • I thought I was being followed  in Exeter City Centre and with increasingly paranoia  walked faster and faster.  Eventually my puffed out pursuer caught me up and presented me with....the chicken that had fallen out of the bottom of my shopping bag.
  • With the cry of  'Cheeky Boy!  Stop reading the paper!'  I accidently whacked a new senior manager's bottom with a rolled up tax return as he was bent over a desk poring over the news.  I'd  mistakened his posterior for that of a  former accountancy colleague with whom I had a rather more relaxed relationship.   It achieved the impossible and rendered me near silent with embarrassment for two whole days.  Poor Nigel refused to enter the lift with me for months until he worked out that I was not  a marauding sex pest.
  • I cut myself whilst demonstrating to Louis how to use a knife safely..
  • ...and sprained my ankle and was off work for a month after demonstrating how to balance along a bench.
  • In my youth, I pulled down a complete stranger's trunks in a swimming pool having mistaken him for my own boyfriend. The cheeky chappy didn't seem to mind too much.  On reflection it seems that  I definitely have a problem recognising people by their rear end.
  • And  of course  the stereotypical embarrassing incident has not passed me by. I have, indeed, left a toilet cubicle with my skirt tucked into my knickers.  Hearty thanks go to the lady in the first seat of the Intercity train carriage who discretely pointed this out and prevented me suffering further indignation and wandering further down the aisle!


  1. Had to giggle over those, especially the exercise bike and the chicken one! I once drove past what seemed to be an old man lying on the pavement having a fit (his 'walking stick' lying abandoned beside him), parked up sharpish and rushed to his aid. Turned out to be a plumber, lying on the ground with his arm down a manhole cover, twisting and turning to reach something, and the walking stick was the long metal alun key type thing for turning supplies on and off! We had a giggle!

  2. Very funny, I think I have done similar things, it's just that I can't remember them. It was probably your skirt tucked into your knickers by the way, or maybe you wear them on top :o)

  3. Thanks Meanqueen - you make a great editor. I've corrected my mistake! x