Thursday, 16 June 2011

Small World

It's an exciting day today because I'm going to give my car a really good clean!  Now, before you think I've taken leave of my senses let me explain why I'm eulogising about, what is after all, right royal chore especially given the mess that a small boy and nesting birds have made to it.  But,  this will be the final time that I give my Skoda a lick and polish because tomorrow I take delivery of my new motor!

As Louis is getting older and we live in a rural area, the use of Mum's taxi has inevitably increased over the last few years because of his ever more active kiddy social life.  But, I've resisted putting up the private use estimate on my NHS lease car to account for this as I'm still managing to keep my annual mileage at the same level. So, how can this be?

Well, since moving out of the city nearly five years ago, I've found that my world has contracted.  True, I make the odd long distance journey and even go abroad occasionally, every three months or so!  But on a day to day basis most of my needs are met in the small towns around here.  I'm seldom tempted further afield, like I used to be, for shopping, classes, entertainment or days out because of the diversity of what's on offer locally.  And trips into those heady urban conglomerations of Exeter, Plymouth and Torbay are increasingly rare because I make most of my big purchases online.  These changes, along with my 'Two Birds'  mean that even if I can't make reductions to my overall car use at a time when these costs are rising, I can at least keep the status quo.

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