Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sweeping Away the Cobwebs

For some of you, this picture might represent a stage in a graded exposure programme to cure your own arachnophobia so I've been careful with my choice of image.  I'm referring to the  type of treatment where a person is encouraged to slowly confront a particular fear by building up their tolerance to whatever it is they're frightened of.  Now, I personally don't have any problem with spiders, at least not the English type.  Those Antipodean nasties that jump out and bite our Australian cousins whilst they're doing a bit of gardening might cause a bit more alarm, but as I've never been down under to the Southern Hemisphere, this surmising is entirely hypothetical.

However, the cobwebs that I'm thinking about today aren't those produced by our eight legged friends but are of a virtual nature.  They're all those scraps of useless information stored on a computer that need to be metaphorically brushed away from time to time before they make the place unsightly.  Then,  after a while it becomes more difficult to live with, or in, the mess.   So here are a few examples of what I mean so that you can get started on a cyber spring clean.

  • Superfluous files downloaded to desktop.  Scoop them up and pop them in the Recycle Bin.
  • On the same note, whilst you at it, you might as well clear out other files on the computer and uninstall programmes that you're no longer using.
  • Bits of mail that you've unintentionally subscribed for.  Go to the relevant companies websites and get rid of them.  Think carefully about whether you really need to be notified of all the offers from your favourite shops if you're the type of person that yields to temptation.
  • Things in your Inbox that you no longer need.  I like the idea of keeping this folder in my email account as clear as possible so I can actually see what's come in.  Just hit that 'Delete' key or file things away in folders created for the purpose. And keep an eye on those things that you have stored away and give them a clearout from time to time.
  • Audit bookmarks and toolbars.  Do you really need the ability to readily access information for projects that are done and dusted?
 This way you'll keep the cobwebs on your computer at a manageable level. Think money spider and not tarantula.  Oh! and don't forget to empty the Recycle Bin once you're done!

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  1. I was house sitting a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to clear out what felt like squillions of photos. I seem to take ten or more each time I want a shot, and then they just sit there in my files......... It felt good to do it, if only I could be that thorough with the rest of my life.........