Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Talking Sausage

Two sausages were in a pan.  One said 'It's mighty hot in here'.  The other said, 'Wow! that's amazing! A talking sausage!'

Q:  What did the zero say to the eight?
A:  Where did you get your belt?!

Good eh?  It's the way I tell them.  Normally I get my daily laughs from Tracey's Crafty Scraps , who never fails to raise a smile.  Often, however, her posts are a little too adult and risque to share with Louis.  In the last week though,  I've told him these two jokes sourced elsewhere that made me chortle and appeared to be ever so child friendly.  To my surprise he just didn't get them.  Living proof that the humour gene in children might be very different even though most kids and adults  that I know bond over a good bottom or fart joke.  Toilet humour, in my experience, definitely seems to transcend the generational gap.   As a colleague once said; 'Thank you God for designing the human body in a way that it does things that are just so funny!'

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