Friday, 3 June 2011

Thought for the Day: Don't Ask Permission Just Ask Forgiveness

Now I've been in the same office for over seven years and the shelves on one side of the room, tops of filing cabinets and underneath desks have always been piled high with ever increasing amounts of useless rubbish.  There was even a Stanley Gibbon's guide to stamps for goodness sakes.  What that was doing in the workplace of a mental health team I'll never know.  Even more alarming was an old book describing how to institutionalise patients.    No-one ever has had the nerve to tackle this mess as it would have required too big a general concenus as to what should be thrown away.

But work is quiet this week - just me, Mr Metrosexual and Mrs Postman Pat, our super efficient support worker.  Mr Metrosexual tentatively started the clear up process by getting rid of a couple of files.  That was just the catalyst I needed to throw myself into one of my favourite tasks,  wholesale decluttering! Twenty bin bags were filled with tons and tons of stuff.  About 90% of old books, papers, cassette tapes, tatty files and other miscellaneous bits and bobs hit the skip.

Somehow I know that someday, someone will moan that something essential has gone missing, so after the clearout I was feeling a little guilty.  But, then I spoke to a nurse colleague who works at another hospital and told her what I'd done.  She came up with the seemingly old adage that I've used for today's title and told me that this stance can promote bravery.

It's clear that this approach could be sorely misused by the selfish, thoughtless or rude and shouldn't be adopted as a blanket philosophy on life.  But it's certainly one to consider where there's an impasse, things are deteriorating and nobody is making a move to sort things out.

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