Thursday, 23 June 2011

Thought for the Day: Ten Everyday-ish Pleasures

When I'm depressed, pleasure seeps out of my life and the days are blacker than grey.   Thankfully I'm not in that state of mind at the moment.  How do I know?  Well, there are still times when everything seems to go wrong but when my mood is brighter I can experience momentary uplifts which make me realise that my personal world is a very special place - even on bad hair days!  I've written about the little things in life that bring joy before.   As  it's good to count your blessings, here are ten more.   I hope that these spur you on to finding your own.

  • The morning cuppa, Oh! and all the ones through the day now I mention it.   I love my tea.
  • Crispy clean sheets
  • Glimpses of sunshine appearing through the clouds
  • Moments of silence.
  • A kiss and cuddle from Louis.
  • The views of the beauiful Devon countryside that I see from my car as I drive around
  • Laughing and talking with my friends and family.
  • Butter.  Sod low fat and olive oil this and that.  Give me some good old fashioned hydrogenated fat.  There's nothing better to spread on bread.
  • BBC Radio 4 for the surprising random things that I learn and the chuckles it so often provides
  • 'Discovering' other people's art.  Today's picture shows the work of Ian Rylatt, a brilliant accomplished potter!


  1. i like your list. recognizing wonderful moments throughout a day makes life special and happy

  2. Good on you for identifying the simmple things we all over look. I may squirrel that idea away for when I'm feeling blue too xx