Sunday, 19 June 2011

Tighter Than A Gnat's Chuff!

I hope that I'm generous enough for people to say that the wonderful expression that I've used for the title of today's post does not apply to me.  But there's some things that I can be really stingy about.  The clue's in the picture about my least favourite thing to spend money on.  Yeah, you've got it - I really detest paying for parking and avoid it at all costs even if it means a goodly hike.

It seems that some highly atruistic individual with the same bugbear  has come up with  a website.  At people like us are invited to provide information about where you can leave the car gratis so that we can all save money.  Great idea! Now I'll be able to find a cosy corner for my darling new Fiesta wherever I go.  But contemplating this concept also brings out the dark side of Lovely Grey. What if, as a consequence,  you nick my previously 'secret' spaces in Dartmouth and Salcombe?  Then I'd be mightily peed off!

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  1. I feel exactly the same way about paying for parking, I will not do it. On the way to town there is a wide road with a piece of waste land next to it. Ideal place to park within walking distance. Trouble was it started filling up early because a lot of people who worked in the town also found it, hence it became full by the time I got there.

    The road next to it is wide with no restrictions so I was still alright for free parking. That's untill a hapless taxi driver ran into the back of my Focus and wrote it off. That has put me off parking there now, but I see the other lady who's car also got damaged still parks there on the road, she works at Boots. She reckons that it couldn't happen a second time. I am not so sure.