Friday, 10 June 2011

Days Out in Devon: The Treehugger Strikes Again

I had an appointment in Stoke Gabriel yesterday, a beautiful village on the River Dart. You may recall that I wrote about the Beavers annoying crabs there in a post last year.  This time I was on business carrying out an 'Assessment of Motor and Process Skills' with someone who'd recognised they had problems with their memory.  It's an odd test where I watch a person doing a couple of familiar tasks and record the minutiae of what they're doing.  The results then get translated onto a score sheet, fed into a computer and hey presto, a number comes out that gives an indication of the level of care that they need!  Sometimes I wonder if, one day, this will cause offense, and I might maybe justifiably get my lights punched out.

Anyway whilst I was there I nipped into the churchyard in my quest to spot another record breaking tree to add to Sunday's tallest in England.  This monster, allegedly the oldest in England that's ever so ancient, wasn't hard to find.  A bit of Internet research seems to indicate that there's a dispute about its age.  The estimates vary between 800 and 1300 years, a wide margin if ever there was one!.   It's a yew, a species commonly found in graveyards whose branches are so huge that some of them have to be held up with thick struts.

Accordingly to Wiki , had I walked around the tree seven times backwards, I would have been granted a wish.  What would it have been?  World peace?  Personal riches?  A super power?  Or perhaps an end to having to do strange assessments in pretty Devon villages and use the time there for something more meaningful instead!

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