Friday, 24 June 2011

Tucking It Away

Remember my recent camera purchase that went against my best minimalist instincts? Even though it's teeny tiny  I had concerns about whether I'd bother taking another item out on my strolls, as well as my money and phone, thus rendering my nice new toy nigh on useless. 

But I have a workable solution in my nice new camera bag which has space for both of my essential gadgets.  Carrying money needed a rethink though, as my purse was way too bulky to fit into its compact pockets.  So, after mulling the problem over I made two purchases at a total cost of £7 that have met the need to carry my change, cards and notes.   The change purse with its pop back top was an amazing 99p at Trago Mills.  But I thought I'd  splash out and support a fellow crafter when investing in a card wallet and found this one 'Brighton Blue' by Liv Siminy in her Etsy shop.  It's very gay as my Nana would say, apt in view of the seaside town depicted!

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