Friday, 17 June 2011

Veg Box Tales: Warm Chorizo and Squash Salad wth Pine Nuts

Okay,  I realise it looks like I've not done much cooking lately and have been secretly living on ready meals. Thankfully that's not true and my taste buds remain intact. It's just that I haven't been much of a happy snapper in the kitchen.  But, with my new camera...well that might change, especially if I rustle up more delicious offerings like the pasties that I made at the weekend and  this salad, one of my own recipe creations.  Looking back over this post and reviewing it, I'll add that this offering could have come happily  under the category of one of my 'Days out in Devon' posts given the number of different places that I inadvertently travelled to source ingredients.

Set oven to 200 degrees or gas mark six.  Peel and de-seed  and chop up half a butternut squash.    Okay you can go organic if you like, but mine was picked up from Lidl.  Have I ever said that in reckless moments I impulse purchase vegetables from there?

Pop chopped squash on baking tray, drizzle with olive oil, season and bake for about thirty minutes.  Oh! I also added the remains of a drained  jar of peppers in oil that I cut into slivery slices. Not sure where these came from but they didn't do the recipe any harm.  However, I'd say that they're not entirely necessary if these do not constitute one of the strange bunch of leftovers in your own fridge.
Meanwhile fry half a chopped onion (emergency purchase from Tesco Metro as veg box ones had run out!) a crushed clove of garlic and about one third of a chorizo sausage  (Lidl again!)  peeled and cubed on a gentle heat until the onion is soft but not black and crispy. Tip out from the pan with the juices.

Take a handful of pine nuts, chuck in dirty  pan and toss around for a minute or so until toasted.  Don't let them burn!  Hint: Smoke detector going off means that you  may have taken things too far.

Cube a block of feta cheese.  Now I know that some of you frugal and  thrifty afficionados would go for the cheapest but go on! Paying a bit more really is worth it in terms of cost to taste benefit.  Mine was the one from the Truly Irrestible range at the Coop but Tesco do a barrel aged one which comes even more highly recommended.

Dress a packet of salad leaves.  Hurrah!  At last an ingredient from the veg box.    Here, I feel that I moved to comment on the lemons that I used for the dressing.  They were 25p each  from a local fruit and veg merchant  and were large and knobbly, just like the ones that you find on a continental holiday.  Bliss! 

Mix everything together and serve four hungry people immediately.  Or do as I did.  Save half the ingredients and make the same salad for two the next day.  I promise that you won't have tired of it!


  1. Mmm, I bet this tastes delicious! Definitely looks like one to have a go at making!

  2. Yum yum pigs bum....made me hungry now & it's only 5.30 am! xxx