Thursday, 2 June 2011

We Plough the Fields and Scatter

These once sorry assed pieces of broken jewellery have now been returned to their former glory mainly through a process that I know as harvesting.  Via the mighty medium of Ebay I purchased one lot of broken sparkly jewellery for about a tenner.  Now individual pieces that were part of this reasonably priced haul are being repaired for resale or used to titivate other pieces that, say, have lost a stone or clasp.  The pretty gilt and brown bracelet merely needed a stone glueing back in place and with a bit of spit and polish it's as good as new. I've nicked crystals from a necklace that had seen better days to replace some that were missing from the one coiled in the centre of the picture to create a newly saleable item.

The heart pendant is a little different,  a much loved possession of a friend. Its thread had snapped, scattering beads afar, some of which were never found and  must have been carried off by the magpies.  I've restrung it securely on beading wire using the existing pretty pale pink freshwater pearls that were salvaged after the accident.  Dainty silver tubes have been replaced by longer chunkier ones and hence  fewer beads are now needed for it to fit round the average adult neck.

Items that might have otherwise been thrown away are being given a new lease of life to make pretty, glittery accessories that can be worn and treasured once more.  I can see that 'harvesting' bits and pieces from one item might lead to a continuous process of robbing Peter to save Paul where previously discarded objects with missing parts can be made whole again because bits and pieces from freshly acquired broken finds can be used to mend them.  These in turn eventually be repaired or upcycled themselves.  The whole recycling process is immensely satisfying.

Tiny business plans are progressing as well as may be expected given my partying and full-time working. I've ordered packaging materials to give the pieces that I'm going to sell that extra special finishing touch.  Now I need to think about how I show off my wares to best effect!.......


  1. have you anything dainty, delicate and pretty for a bride to wear with matching ear rings?

  2. The crystal necklace in the middle is lovely and I have earrings that match! Or I could make something up. Call me! x

  3. I'll phone the office next week and arrange a viewing.