Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Wet, Wet, Wet

Now today's offering isn't going to be a homage to one of the ultimate boy bands.  If it were my opening picture would have portrayed the  pretty faces of Marty Pellow and his chums rather than this tranquil woodland waterfall.  No, my post is about water usage as  my festival weekend away gave me the nudge that I needed to think about this topic in more depth.

Firstly, I'm astounded by how little water that Louis, Red Melanie and I used over the course of the weekend despite copious tea making activities.  Okay, hygiene wasn't tip top and there might have been over reliance on wet wipes and Chanel, but it's  amazing just how the effort of obtaining supplies makes conservation much more of an issue.  Turning on a tap at home is so easy compared to lugging a container back across a field from a standpipe.

Moving on to point number two. I'm going to 'fess up about a bad  habit that I've been aware of over the last few weeks but haven't done anything about.  Often, I turn on the shower before getting undressed and then fanny about for a few minutes before actually getting in.  Point three follows closely on this one's heels.  Red Melanie described how she keeps a large jug next to her sink which she fills when running the tap whilst waiting for hot water.  Simples, as the meerkat would say, but genious!

It has become glaringly obvious that I can get away with wanton wastage because the Lovelygrey family pay bills based on our property's rateable value  rather than having a metered supply.  Contacting the water company  to have a meter fitted looks like a no-brainer from an environmental and financial perspective. One that a thrifty household should have considered long ago, you'd think?  The thing that's stopped us in the past is  that the occupier is responsible for paying for water use past the property's boundary and a undetected leak can result in a huge bill racking up, as a neighbour once found out.  However, it looks like South West Water waive this charge first time round and other companies across the UK also do the same.  Looks like there's no excuse anymore for not making a change that will prevent us from pouring a valuable resource and money unnecessarily down the sink.

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