Thursday, 7 July 2011

All Good Gifts

There's no post about the school fayre this year, not that I wasn't there.  It was just that I was so busy helping that there wasn't time to snap away and take pictures to make a post about the event interesting.  I helped set up the tea tent and book stall, wrapped bunting around guy ropes, put up gazebos, under the direction of chaotic committee members moved heavy bits and pieces from A to B to C and back to A again and folded all the table and chairs in the craft tent on my ownsome.  No wonder I've been tired for the last few days.  Roll on the weekend when I can have an extended snooze and catch up on some shut eye!

I had planned to man my own craft stall and inaugurate my jewellery business.  But what with all my volunteering activity I worked out, a little way in advance, that it  just wasn't going to be possible.  So throwing my entreprenurial megalomania to the wind, I  sub-let my pitch to my Mini Church of Craft buddies, Naomi and Red Mel who sold their own jewellery creations instead.

This pendant made by Red Mel, that she put on the stall, caught my eye.  It's made from silver precious metal clay which has been textured and shaped to give a 3D wavy effect.  Wow!  In a burst of incredible kindness my dear friend gave it to me gratis and was very insistent that I needn't hand over a penny.  She mentioned something about it being a payment in kind in lieu of camping gas and other stuff used at the festivals we've attended together.  Like the polite Brit that I am,  I made a token attempt to remonstrate, but was persuaded to give up quite easily.   And I'm so glad I did.  This lovely object has been round my neck ever since and is providing plenty of inspriation for similiar, simple designs of my own that I can produce in the same versatile material.

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