Sunday, 10 July 2011

And the Punishment for Stealing is.....

....Burning Jubblies!  Now let me explain.  Red Mel and I are staying at the home of Kay, fellow occupational therapist and one of our dearest friends.   In tomorrow's post I'll disclose the special reason why we've spent time in deepest Somerset alongside pursuing our usual indulgences - drinking wine, gossiping and eating more than is good for our waistlines.

In  a rush to leave home on Friday, my packing was somewhat deficient.  I forgot my book in progress,  one less pair of knickers than I would have liked and half my toiletries.  'Never mind,' I thought whilst in the shower, 'I'll 'nick' a bit of that green stuff over there'. The fresh smell was heavenly but ooh missus! the product contains built in punishment of near Old Testament proportions.  I'm sure that any of the prophets would have been proud of being able to induce a smarting undercarriage on a wicked light fingered robber merely going about the business of trying to keep clean before a day of quality thieving.

Thankfully, the results are not long lasting but perhaps this is indeed a magic potion where the intensity of sensation is enhanced for habitual offenders.  Anyway, I 'fessed up which has caused much merriment.  Strangely Red Mel trotted off to try the strange conconction when showering herself and didn't find the tingling unpleasant at all!   Perhaps, she was rewarded because of asking permission  first. Truly magical stuff indeed! Anyway, a trawl around the Internet shows that I'm not the first to discover this phenonemon.  It seems that 195 lads are fans of this product's unusual sensitising property.  Obviously they bought their own and didn't filch a bit from their mates!

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  1. Hahah! I've used that before and it sure does tingle, even when you don't half-inch it ;)