Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Avoiding Batteries

Funnily enough this post is not about cruel methods of  rearing  poultry.   Today I am showcasing one of Mr Lovelygrey's money saving tips which is wholly sensible and doesn't involve anything weird like slathering cream that is meant for your bottom on your face.  Nobody does that do they?!

No, my subject matter is batteries and hence the tenuously linked chicken picture.  A fine beastie indeed and much more photogenic than the lithium rechargeable cells that are plugged into the back of my two year old  laptop.  The originals were replaced a couple of weeks ago by an unbranded alternative that I bought on Ebay.  Money saving tip Number 1 - and that's all my own work!

But Mr Lovelygrey pointed out a way of extending the life of my batteries which he believes can be recharged about a thousand times.  As I predominantly use a mains power source I now remove them, thus preventing wasted charging cycles.  They leak a bit of energy when not in use  so, every time the computer is switched on, it sets the process in motion.  An easy peasy way of saving money indeed and one I'm right royally proud of using - until, that is, I take my laptop out without the battery pack at a time when it's needed!


  1. I was told that my laptop would stop working if I took the battery/ies out, so now I am confused. Mine has never lasted for more than 30 minutes anyway so I always use the mains cable. Perhaps I need a more modern laptop?

  2. I've just been on my laptop for over an hour and all is still well! x