Sunday, 17 July 2011

Crafts from the Fish Wife: Raggedy Rasta Candle

Behold a thing of beauty!  It was made two years ago in the children's tent at the Contemporary Craft Fair by me and Louis.  He dipped a plain white jobbie in vats of coloured wax and added the sparkle and I made the face.  Anyway, since then I've been thinking of giving candle making another go.  In an attempt to occupational therapise myself and get well I decided to embark on this activity the other afternoon.  After all how hard can it be to melt some wax, pour it into a container and add a wick?  I have to say that I've well and truly got this idea for a yet another new hobby out of my system!

So here's the result of an afternoon's work.  A pathetic abomination isn't it? Bob Marley would be rightly scathing.  I'd had the brilliant idea of recycling all those crayons that we're given on the majority of occasions that Louis has had a kid's meal in a restaurant. I thought I'd produce a rainbow like creation that would have all my readers gasping with wonder.

Except that it didn't work out like that. I used even more expletives producing this feeble effort than I did after I nearly cut my fingers off making my cork bath mat the other week. I promised to give updates on my previous make's durability and after a fortnight I can report that  it's not that great at soaking up water but hasn't fallen apart yet!

A***! getting the paper off four different colours of crayons was a fag.  S***, I burned myself on the egg cups that I used to melt the wax when I got it out of the microwave. B*****, the wick didn't stay upright in the glass and *!%*+"* and double *!%*+"*. I spilt purple wax over my hand and the inside of the microwave, hence the vaguely rastafarian or traffic light effect of this piece.    My inner fish wife was released even before I tackled the monumental task of clearing up.

But I still think, that for some of you recycling addicts out there, the idea is a good'un.  Just don't consider attempting it if, like me, you have a tendency in general to be a klutz or at times when your concentration and ability to plan a safe injury free project is shot to pieces!

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  1. Bless you for sharing that one with us! Hope the burns are healing up, and that the candle you made creates a relaxing glow once you light it. You'll be able to have a laugh as you remember its creation!