Friday, 1 July 2011


I didn't mention that Mr Lovelygrey went on holiday last week did I?  Nana Lovelygrey hired a villa with pool in the Sierra Nevada region of Spain.  But alas, Louis and I couldn't accompany him.  Our Yellowstone foray in January meant that taking any more time out of school in term time was a no-no, so I donned my burning martyr costume and stayed at home.  Ah well, another time!

Anyway, whilst Mr Lovelygrey was away, the blade fell off inside the dishwasher and refused to click back on of its own accord.   Surprisingly for someone with an extensively stocked tool box and an adversion to feminine titivation, I can be very girly when it comes to repairs, running to the nearest man.  But Louis didn't have a clue and whilst my neighbour, John, is quite nifty in the DIY department, I decided to resist my initial temptation to beg for help next door.  Instead I powered up the laptop and looked at a video on Ehow.  This website is choc-a-bloc full of advice and videos about nearly everything.

The solution turned out to be really simple.  I had a real and not metaphorical screw loose.  Once I'd located the missing fixing in the cutlery basket all was well and I felt disproportionately proud of my own resourcefulness!  So, the next time things go tits up for you on the domestic appliance front,  might I suggest that your first step could be turning to the Internet?  You'll have a good chance of finding a tutorial that could help you solve your own particular fix-it problem.

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  1. Good for you! I love women who can/try to fix it yourself. Like you said there is so much info on the internet. Hubby is not a DIY'r so I try to that from my mom.