Monday, 18 July 2011

Killing Cats

Those of you who, after reading today's post title, think that I'm going to give precise instructions on how to terminate neighbours' pets who crap on your lovingly grown radishes will be sorely disappointed.  I'm too fond of kitties myself to take this type of action even though I'll admit that their nose powdering* habits can  be a right, royal nuisance.  No, what I'm alluding to is curiousity,  that we all know can prematurely terminate a cat's existence on this planet.  All I can say is I've found it a highly rewarding characteristic that's much less dangerous than this questionnably wise old saying may suggest.

Remember a few weeks back I wrote Ten Free Days Out in South Devon?  Well, I'm adding Cockington Court in Torquay to the post.  Not that I've been there mind - it was a recommendation from a friend.  But even my orignal list contained details of a place that I'd not yet visited myself.  So, on Saturday, I thought I'd have a nose around and put that right.

I trotted up the hill from Buckfastleigh to visit the ruined Holy Trinity Church.  I've spotted its white spire peeping out above the trees whilst commuting down the A38.  Though destroyed by arson in 1992, it's a gorgeous place that, for me, exuded tranquility.  Services are currently held on Monday's at 10:30 in this glorious spot and participants are invited to bring a picnic to share afterwards.  The bell tower has been restored to and you can view all the campagnology gubbins behind a glass screen.  All well and good.  But, follow the incredibly comprehensive link above that gives information about the church and you'll find that others see this landmark in a completely different light.

This appears to be where the problem lies, the grave of Richard Cabell, who was so monsterously evil that he needs bars and a gurt big chunk of stone to keep him in his grave.  Sightings have been reported of a ghostly red glow emanating from the tomb and visits by demonic creatures.  Oo-er Missus!  Anyway legend has it that if you circle the tomb seven times the evil Mr Cabell or even the devil will come out and bite your fingers!  Could my curiousity stretch to seeing whether this is true next time I visit? We'll have to see. Perhaps I'll just send a particularly annoying cat around instead!

*For my overseas readers, polite ladies in England may say that they're going to powder their nose when they're off to the loo. That's WC, toilet, privy, latrine or restroom to you if my terminology has again confused you.  No cocaine is involved during this activity at all!


  1. I can especially recommend walking up Fairy Hall to the Buckfastleigh Church on a misty morning (careful for the slippery path) or when the wild garlic is in full bloom. Many a day we walked up to find some tranquility among the old tombstones and the ruined walls. I must however admit that I was responsible for one of the myths regarding Cabell. The red glow was due to my bbq's down where we lived in Dartbridge Road. The other myths are however all true...

  2. Ooh, that was a cool post. I can't believe that someone deliberately arsoned the church.

    You should go back in the evening and see if you can photograph any paranormal activity at Mr Cabells tomb?!