Monday, 25 July 2011

Monk-ey Business

After my recent walk up a Devon hill to nose around Holy, Trinity, the ruined church that is both tranquil and spooky,  I headed onto to Buckfast Abbey.  Not for prayer or contemplation.  I didn't have time for that!  I was on a mission to purchase something I'ld seen  in the Monastic Produce shop.

As you'll find out if you follow the link, the Benedictine tradition has a philosophy of combining prayer and work. The fruits of these labours sometimes result in goods that are sold on to help financially support the communities.  There's an eclectic mixture of fleecy scarves, icons and rosaries, toiletries and of course, alcohol.  Buckfast Abbey itself is famous, or some would say notorious, for producing a tonic wine, that, depending on viewpoint is either  as a carefully crafted well-rounded tipple that perks up the poorly, or the preferred 'fall over juice' for Glaswegians.

Anyway having made my purchase which I'll disclose on a later date, I noticed that the shop stocks items featuring the work of a French monk, Robert de Chaunac, who thankfully continued his work as a fabric designer after entering a monastic order.  Follow this link to Google images where you'll find more of his fantastic tapestries.  And if you've got a bit more than a few thousand to spare you could always purchase your very own at auction.  Otherwise you, like me, will have to make do with popping down the Abbey shop and picking up a poster or postcard on the next visit!

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  1. Ha, ha - Buckfast always reminds me of Rab C Nesbitt, when he and Jamesie went on a 'pilgrimage' there.
    The tapestries are beautiful!