Saturday, 9 July 2011

Newly Inspired!

Now, I'm not a knitter, but, if I were, all ideas about keeping projects to a manageable size would be blown out of the window.  I would want to knit this bus that was featured in the Guardian's Craft's section on Wednesday.  At a time when the News of the World has brought shame on this country's press surely those journalists who are doing a good job need me to pat them on the back by showcasing their work in a positive light?

I was waylaid by this marvellous vehicle whilst returning to an article that inspired me the other day.  As a retro cloth fan I was particularly drawn to this potato print picnic rug which has been moved to my 'must make in the future' list.  Have a look around the site. The animal lovers amongst you might tempted to use up woollen scraps making the cat nip filled mouse  for Battersea Dog's Home or another favoured feline friend.  If I come back as a cat in my next life, can my owner make me the pirate one please!

Anyway I'm going to be using the skeletal leaf idea in a crafty project that I'll be creating over the weekend.  I'm keeping mum for now about what I'm making in a material that I've never used before.  Off now, but expect to see the products of my hard labour in the next couple of days!

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