Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The North Face of the Eiger

Behold the Eiger's North West face!  Now, I could have taken a picture of  the ironing pile. It was, up until two days ago, my own personal version of this notoriously tricky summit.  However, it wasn't half as pretty as the mountain itself  and  anyway I reckoned you'd seen quite enough of undies after yesterday's post.  But yay!  I adjusted the ironing board to sitting height, set BBC-iPlayer to back episodes of 'Bargain Hunt' and tackled my three week pile of disgrace.

The amount of physical and mental effort everything can take at the moment is surprising.  On  a good day I manage to stay up all day if I'm very gentle with myself.  Then, I think I can do a bit more, push a bit harder and Voom! I'm flat on the bed with a head full of mush even if I have felt that I'd paced myself sensibly.  Yesterday was a case in point.  I drove the fifteen miles to Exeter, parked in my old neighbourhood and walked up the hill into the city centre to go to the Central library.   After I'd finished there I eschewed the numerous charity shops near the bus station thinking that one task would be plenty and got the bus back down the hilll so as not to overdo it.     But even that was too much.  My legs were like jelly when I walked through the door of the house and I fell straight asleep for two hours.  I'm pleased  though I made the trip though as I've got a pile of twelve eclectic delights to reward me for my efforts.

My  To Do list on my phone with its umpteen items is just too daunting at the moment but I've found a pared down alternative that lets me focus on simple things that I can still achieve.  There, I go, one small distraction (the lovely peas on Today's Google page!) and I've forgotten what I was going to go next.....
..right back on track!  I've fetched the link to my usual complicated reminder system which has temporarily been ditched in a mental recycling bin, ready to be retrieved when I'm better. What I'm using at the moment is my laptop's electronic post-it notes.  Now I hate a messy desktop and really can't understand those of you out there who have loads of links and stuff plastered all over it.  But each to their own.  I'm finding these little yellow squares so irksome that they're motivating me to do the tiny tasks that I've set for myself - so my snowy scene is nice and clear again!

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