Friday, 22 July 2011

Not as Bad As Tracey's

Mr Lovelygrey has rightly been a  bit cross about the fact that I've largely taken to my bed for the last week since being signed off sick.  Being a normally tidy person I've shied away in shame from photographing my own pit. So, of course,  I was going to use a picture of Tracey Emin's seminal work to illustrate this post but instead, I found this sweet and sanitised Lego homage by  Cake and Neave, formerly known as the Little Artists.   It made me giggle at a time when laughter really needs to be on my medicine list.  Check out their own website and that of Liverpool's Walker Gallery for more inspired models of other works and brickie representations of famous artists.  Dali's Lobster Phone, Marc Quinn's 'Self' and the miniature Gilbert and George are my particular favourites.

Tracey Emin recreated what her bed  looked like after she had stayed there for several days during a bout of depression.    That girl  must have been poorly!  Thankfully, even though I, too, keep my slippers close to hand, I don't seem to have sunk quite as far.    I still can perform basic personal care tasks and  feed myself. This might go a long way towards explaining why my own detritus is far more low key and less shocking.   On my own duvet, there's a plate with lunchtime crumbs, phones, tablets, more books and magazines than you could shake a stick at, and, of course, my laptop.  But there's no booze or used personal hygiene products in the near vicinity.  Nor are their any bodily stains although I did spill some tea the other day. However I was lucky enough to be able to muster the energy to change the sheet.  The most disgusting thing?   Probably the two day old half eaten Welsh Cake that I found earlier lurking on the floor under an unwanted cushion. 

But enough's enough!  The work, 'My Bed', has been a salutary reminder of how things can slip if I resort to slothdom for much longer.  Ta, Tracey!   So today, I'm going to get up, tidy up  and stay out for the day, apart for a mini traditional afternoon nap if it's really needed.

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  1. I am shocked. Shocked that you didn't eat the whole Welsh Cake that is...I think I may have to make some now (though I have to say Mr M &S do delicious ones) Hope you have a good day.