Saturday, 16 July 2011


Day three of being signed off from work and slight improvements in productivity are being noted.  However,  it's a difficult tightrope to walk.  Too much rest and it's a medically proven fact that I'll turn into a three-toed sloth so I need to keep active.  But experience shows that if I get too busy too quickly I'll exhaust myself again and be quickly marched back to square one.

Anyway I took myself off to Newton Abbot with the super glamourous plans of buying loo rolls at Lidl and then walking into town to stock up on hayfever medication.  I'm slower than usual.  Usually when I'm out walking you don't see me for dust.  And perhaps because I wasn't doing an impression of the Roadrunner I spotted this piece of art in the bus station.

'That's new!' I thought.  But then I spotted the plaque that showed that this lovely, locally themed tiled picture had been in situ since 1995.  It was created by an artist called Taja who's originally from Japan but now lives in Devon.    I looked up his work and he appears to be taking a different slant these days producing elegantlly styled, beautifully crafted glazed porcelain.   You may well expect a change in focus after seventeen years.  After all, back in those days I was a dull and dusty tax consultant.

What this experience highlighted is that, maybe, I'm not paying attention enough in everyday life.  In behaving in this way  things that can give me moments of joy or inspiration pass me by.  So, in my journey towards get well, I need to establishing taking notice as a much more regular habit!

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