Monday, 11 July 2011

Oh No! Another New Hobby!

After a brilliant weekend with the girlies, it's back to work and the start of a new dieting regime.  But more of that in a later post.  Let me share what Red Mel, Kay have been up to during a  very creative weekend!

We've been hanging out at the beautiful home where  Tom Clark lives with his wife Andrea, kids, a dog and a bunch of fluffy chickens!  As well as being plied with good food and meeting some great people we learnt  to carve stone, a potentially addictive new hobby.
Today, I'm showcasing the work of some of the other students on the course, starting with the men.  Male participants are usually in short supply on craft courses.  Perhaps they prefer to lock themselves away and beaver privately on secret projects.  However this particularly activity lured three guys out of their sheds.  Here's the work of two.  The Tudor-ish Rose was carved by a complete novice who's going to mount it in a wall that he's building himself. And the amazing gargoyle?  Well, he was one of three(!) projects produced by a chap who's had woodcarving experience.  Perhaps surprisingly he was saying that stone is a much easier medium to work in than wood.

I'm so proud of my girlies who each managed to complete their works of art.  Kay produced this gorgeous whimisical tree which complements the shape of the piece of Bath Stone that she chose for her project.  And Red Mel's designed a wedding present for her son and new daughter in law.  As well as making thousands of yards of bunting  she's produced a wonderful keepsake to commemorate Toby and Rebecca's big day.
Okay, I know what you're thinking! 'Where's yours, Lovelygrey?'  Well, the arch procrastinator has an excuse.  I've made excellent progress on my design, a take on the graphic prints on 1950s fabric but theres a but!  The stone, that I selected, for its beautiful whiteness is a French limestone and much harder to carve.  In spite of a flurry of activity that's resulted in aches and pains in bits of the body where I'd forgotten that I have muscles, I couldn't complete my piece.  But fear not!  A set of chisels and dummy hammer are already on order ready for a flurry of finishing activity next weekend.  Then I'm going to have to hunt down the next piece of stone to carve!

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  1. Those are beautiful, love the whimsical face.