Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Playing in the Queen's Gardens

Yikes!,  I suddenly realised the other day that school holidays are fast approaching and I hadn't firmed up most of the plans to occupy Louis over his six week break.  Annual leave has been booked at the end of August  which will incorporate a ten day trip to Brittany with Mr Lovelygrey, whose holiday entitlement is more paltry than my own.  But what else?

As a full-time working mum with no immediate family in the vicinity to take over the helm in school holidays, good paid childcare is a must.  Thank heavens I discovered F.I.S.H (Fun in School Holidays) a few years ago.  For my Devon based readers I cannot recommend this company highly enough.  Their enthusiastic play workers, include lots of young energetic lads,who  act as brilliant companions and role models for a lively eight year old. Louis prefers going to their Chudleigh based centre almost more than anything else that I arrange for him.

Louis wants to stay with Mama and Papa Lovelygrey in Southend-on-Sea too and although I'd like to visit as well,  my overall holiday entitlement precludes a whole week in my childhood home town. So, after taking the train to London and spending a day there, Louis will head on  to Essex with Nana and Grandpa and I'll tootle back to Devon on the train.  All these activities are proving expensive when added up so, to keep costs down a little, we'll avoid paying attractions and  have a free day out in the big smoke.  The website for the Royal Parks  has been invaluable for planning this.  It seems that there's so much to do in the capital's green spaces.  Assuming the day is balmy, a trip to Hyde Park and Kensington Palace Gardens looks like it could fit the bill of providing a pleasant time for all.  Louis will be drawn to the Princess Diana Playground, where the pirate ship in the open post picture is  installed and there's plenty to keep the adults too.    And if it rains...well the National History and Science Museums are always cost-free old favourites.

Just one week left to plan!    So, it'll be back to the South East, this time with the camping gear in the car.  After three nights in Southend-on-Sea reliving my childhood, it's off to Norfolk to see Uncle Paul.  His home is too small to house us for a visit so we'll be making use of one of the Queen's gardens again, this time staying in the Camping and Caravanning Club at Sandringham.   I wonder if we'll get an invite for tea?!

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