Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Snip Snip

I pride myself on being pretty nifty using a computer.  Okay I'm not Bill Gates but my skill level at using I.T. applications is probably above average.  Enough to receive the doubtful accolade of being the team's champion when a new software package to replace paper notes was installed at work.  This meant that for the first two weeks from going 'live' I was unable to enter the office without a cascade of queries as soon as I walked through the door.  One day, after getting back from visits it took two hours before I could take my coat off and nip to the loo.  It's a good job that I did those pelvic floor exercises after childbirth.  They must have been taught for moments like these!

When I have a problem to solve, say malfunctioning software or want to add a nifty feature to my blog, more often than not Google provides a solution.  But I owe my latest discovery to Mr Lovelygrey who introduced me to the snipping tool that can be found in the Accessories Folder of Windows 7.  It works on pictures from the Internet and my own photographs too.  I've only known about it since the weekend but it's proved so handy that I thought I'd share my find.  It's so much quicker than downloading files and using Microsoft Paint to manipulate images when I've needed to do so before.

Simply select the image that you want to use in a blogpost, craft project or whatever else takes your fancy.  Open the tool by clicking on 'All Programmes' in the Start Menu and then going to Snipping Tool in the Accessories File.  It will open in another window.   You're then prompted to drag the cursor around the part of the screen that you want to copy.   Once you've selected the image, close down the window and you'll then be asked if you want to save the image.  Click yes and name your file in one. Et voila!   A piccie saved in no time at all for you to use at will. Here's a snip prepared in double quick time earlier, a lovely image of my favourite kind of flower!

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